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Protecting your dog from ticks is crucial, particularly during late spring and summer. These seasons are when raccoons are learning to store food and survive in the wild, but if they don’t store food effectively, they mayTampa raccoons take a nibble from your pet. Raccoons carry rabies and other diseases that can be fatal if your dog contracts them. Use Critter Control® of Tampa tips to protect your dog from raccoons.

Close the Doors

Your dog needs outdoor exercise, but unless he or she is on a leash, your dog should stay indoors. Even in areas that are normally secure, such as a dog park, watch your dog closely. An innocent-looking animal such as a rabbit or squirrel may have been exposed to a potentially diseased raccoon. Don’t allow your dog to go out at night without supervision.

Don’t Feed Them Outside

Pet food attracts raccoons, so never leave it outside or in an open container. If you must feed your dog outside, remove the food immediately after he or she is done. Don’t throw an open container of pet food into your trash, and keep all garbage cans sealed.

Call the Team at Critter Control

Your best preventive measure is to call Critter Control® of Tampa if you suspect raccoons have invaded your property. Keep your dog indoors or supervised outdoors until we’ve inspected your property and performed our exclusion techniques.

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