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Most Common Types of Rodents in FloridaThere are 23 living rodent species in Florida. Not all are common, and some only live in specific areas. However, whether native or not, no rodent is welcome to infest your home or dig up your yard. If you’re experiencing such rodent-related issues, it’s important to have a professional deal with the problem promptly to be sure it’s fully addressed, that all damage is found, and that all points of entry into your home are identified and closed off.

Distressing Rodent Behavior at Your Florida Property

When they invade your property inside or out, rodents are just looking for a safe place to live. But that doesn’t mean it’s OK. They can cause considerable damage to your property, create unpleasant odors, transmit serious health risks with their urine and droppings, get in your food, make frequent annoying noises, and more.

Chewing is a particular problem with rodents. A defining characteristic of rodents is that their teeth are always growing. To prevent overgrowth, they have to continually file them down by gnawing on things, often including wires, wood beams, PVC pipes, and other materials. Exposed wires are a fire hazard and can cause electrical shortages, chewed wood can mean structural concerns, and chewed pipes can lead to leaks and water damage.

Rodents Commonly Found in Florida

These common Florida rodents can cause problems in your home or on your property:

  • Eastern gray squirrels

    are most-often seen scampering around everywhere outdoors; however, the rodents are well known for moving into attics. They have large teeth and chew often, so they can quickly cause significant damage. They’re also big enough to make a good deal of noise on your ceiling.

  • Southern flying squirrels

    are smaller than their Eastern gray cousins, but they can get into your attic and cause similar damage and problems.

  • Many types of mice

    live in Florida, and they like to nest in walls. They’re smaller, quieter, and more cautious about being seen than squirrels, but you might spot one running along a wall or counter. They have a habit of getting into your cabinets and food, and also of leaving droppings all over (a common signs of a mouse infestation). Mouse droppings are a sanitation concern and are associated with the spread of hantavirus.

  • A few types of rats

    are also common in the state and may take up residence in the attic or walls of your house or apartment. They’re bigger than mice, a little more likely to be heard in the walls, and they can cause plenty of damage pretty quickly with their gnawing. Rat droppings are a health concern for spreading hantavirus, as well.

  • Southeastern pocket gophers

    are most common in the upper half of Florida. They dwell in underground burrows, so are mostly a concern for outdoor property damage. This can include holes and tunnels in your yard, as well as chewed underground or exterior utility wires.

Animals in Florida that Aren’t Rodents

There are a few mammals frequently seen in the state that lots of people believe are rodents, but are not. The most common of these include:

Have a Problem with Rodents in Your Home?

At Critter Control® of Tampa, we understand that squirrels, mice, and rats are just displaced wild animals trying to survive. If you suspect you have an infestation in your home or around your property, our expert technicians are committed to using humane measures to permanently address it. Get a free estimate or more information about our CritterSafe® services by calling us today.

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