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If you choose to leave a wildlife inspection off of your in-home to-do list this spring, then you may accidentally be opening your home to unwelcome guests, like bats.

Bats on your property can cause a host of problems, and if you don’t have them removed before the start of bat maternity season, you won’t have any means of keeping them out until summer’s end.

When Is Bat Maternity Season?

Bat maternity season, April 15 to August 15, is the time of year when female bats roost and raise their young — and it’s also the time when bat exclusion is temporarily prohibited. During the season, roughly 40 bats at a time will gather in a warm, safe shelter to feed and protect their bat pups. This shelter, which typically consists of caves or hollow trees, can easily end up being your rental property’s attic or chimney.""

Prevention Tactics for the Season

To protect your property, there are several preventative measures you can implement to keep bats away. The first and probably the most important step is closing any openings that lead inside, including those around:

  • Plumbing pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Cable wiring
  • Heating and cooling units
  • Washer and dryer units

Keep in mind that bats will roost in the spaces between the interior and exterior of a building, so these points of interest should always be on your inspection list. They may seem tiny and insignificant, but these holes and gaps are often just large enough for bats to fit through. Of course, closing interior and exterior openings can help protect your property, but they alone aren’t the right way to deal with any existing infestations.

Getting Your Property Ready

Before maternity season starts, you have the opportunity to implement legal and humane bat removal methods to rid your home of any nesting bats. However, beware of the countless ineffective methods of bat removal that exist online, such as:

  • Pesticides, which are harmful to the environment
  • Mothballs, which contain naphthalene: a solution toxic to humans in large amounts
  • Ultrasonic devices, which simply deter bats without removing their source of interest

Instead of wasting time and money on DIY bat removal, get the job done right by contacting professional pest removal experts who know the proper and effective bat exclusion methods and removal processes such as one-way exits, entry point restoration, and exclusion tubes. These methods have been proven to keep bats from entering your property without causing harm.

Get Started Before the Season Does

Bat maternity season is quickly approaching, which is why your property needs not only an inspection but also a thorough bat prevention strategy. The highly trained and certified technicians at Critter Control® of Tampa will quickly and safely remove bats from your attic and keep future ones from visiting with a series of humane wildlife prevention techniques. To schedule your free consultation before the start of the season, call us today.

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