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Florida is home to 13 different bat species. While only a few of them are endangered, all of these species are vital to the ecosystem. In fact, bats help contain insect populations, which is especially important in mosquito-ridden Florida. Beyond keeping the bugs at bay, these critters are also responsible for plant pollination and seed spreading.

But despite all of the benefits that bats bring to Florida, they still don’t belong anywhere inside your business. However, if you have an existing infestation and don’t take care of it soon, you may not have a choice in the matter much longer.

The Start of Bat Maternity Season

Bat maternity season runs from April 15 until August 15, and during that time it is illegal to remove bats from any building in the state of Florida. Because of their environmental importance, young and adult bats are protected in during the time of year when female bats give birth and roost. This makes bat removal a tricky and sometimes illegal business.

If the mothers are excluded and the babies are stuck inside, for example, the adult bats will have no means of feeding, nurturing, and protecting their pups. And if the babies die in your attic or walls, the stench will permeate throughout your business and potentially attract additional pests. Furthermore, the mother bats will try desperately to break back into the building, causing more damage.

Removing Bats Before the Season

Bats shouldn’t be left to live or die in the attic, walls, elevator shaft, or anywhere else inside your commercial building. However, moving bats on your own — even outside of bat maternity season — is dangerous. From infection to long-term disease, bats can easily spread health hazards through bite, scratch, or general contamination.

Female bats roots in groups of up to 40. Their droppings, called guano, is extremely acidic, toxic, and dangerous. It can ruin the structural integrity of your business, turn into a powdery substance, and transmit airborne bacteria throughout your building.

Contact the Bat Removal Experts

At Critter Control® of Tampa, we understand that bats need just as much protection as your business. If you suspect that you have a bat infestation in your building, our expert technicians will safely remove them before the start of bat maternity season. Using humane wildlife removal tactics and eco-friendly alternatives, we can also sanitize your office and repair points of entry. To schedule a free commercial inspection, please call us today.

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