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If you have rats in the attic, you’re sure to see a lot of warning signs –– scratches, gnaw marks, droppings, and grease stains. However, you might also hear a few warning signs as well. Listen up for the most common noises that rats make in the attic.rats in attic tampa

When to Listen Up

Sure, rats are quick and tiny creatures, but they can create a ton of noise. From squeaking and hissing to rustling and scratching, you’ll most definitely hear them if they’re in your attic. Because rats are fairly nocturnal, you’ll mostly hear these noises at night. However, rats can also get active in the daytime to search for food.

What to Listen For

Do you think you might have rats in the attic? If you hear any of the following noises, it’s time to call a professional to have your home inspected.

  • Scratching – Whether climbing, crawling, or digging throughout the walls of your home, rats are sure to make this sound.
  • Scurrying – When rats run around in your attic, you might hear some shuffling noises coming from above.
  • Gnawing – Rats are almost constantly chewing to file down their teeth, find food, and access new areas of your home.
  • Squeaking – High-pitched chirping noises are how rats communicate with each other, and it’s how you’ll be able to tell they’re in your home.

How to Stop the Noise

Once you know that rats are the cause of commotion, take the necessary steps to get them out of your home and keep them from coming back, including:

  • Seal Entry Points – It’s crucial to seal off all access points for any rodent to use. This includes roof tile gaps, small holes in doors, and other areas that fit small critters.
  • Trim Branches – A solid way of blocking rats from the attic is cutting down their bridge towards your roof. If you have overhanging limbs, trim them regularly.
  • Conceal Your Garage – Since rats are always on the hunt for food, it’s important to make sure your garbage has tight-fitting lids that won’t let any smells that attract rats escape.

Let Us Take Care of the Critters

Rats only know one thing: survival. Because of this, our team at Critter Control® of Tampa only uses humane, CritterSafe® products and services to remove and relocate rats from your home. And once we clear your property of critters, we’ll seal up entry points, sanitize the area, and restore damage done to your attic. To schedule a free consultation, call us today.

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