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One of the most adaptable animals in the world, raccoons have been raccoonsmaking their way out of their natural habitats and into our dumpsters and trash cans for decades. Raccoons are capable of causing costly damage to your property. They’re known for getting into garbage cans, ruining fruit trees, and will even kill small animals in some cases. It’s easy to see why homeowners would want to avoid a raccoon problem if possible, and it’s easy to take preventative measures if you know the early signs of their presence.


One of the most obvious signs, tracks are a sure-fire way to tell if there has been raccoon activity on your property. Their footprints actually look very similar to those of humans, but only 3 or 4 inches long. If you believe that you may have raccoons on your property, pay attention to the soft soil in your yard for tracks, as well as long any fences or the sides of your home.


Raccoon waste is another good indicator of activity on your property. Though their droppings resemble those of other animals, raccoons generally leave theirs at the base of tree trunks or on wood piles. Finding droppings in these areas means there’s a good chance you have a raccoon problem on your hands.

Garbage Cans

Sometimes the warning signs go unnoticed until you walk outside to see your garbage can opened up with trash strewn about everywhere. Raccoons love garbage cans as they provide an easy food source, and their dexterous paws allow them to open nearly any unlocked can. Bring your cans inside, or install locks to prevent their access.

Raccoons are intelligent creatures that can be very tough to remove. If you’ve discovered the signs of their activity on your property, we recommend seeking professional help. The animal removal experts at Critter Control® of Tampa have over thirty years of experience in keeping homes and families safe from nuisance critters. Call us today to schedule your free home consultation.

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