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For many people who have discovered they have rats living in their attic, ""their first instinct is to get them out of there as quickly as possible. And while poisoning the rodents may seem like an inexpensive and easily accessible solution, it’s one we never recommend.

Reasons Not to Use Poison

Poisoning mice is a bad idea for many reasons including being a safety risk and bringing on additional issues as a result. Some other reasons you should never use poison to kill mice include:

Dangers to children and pets

An accidental ingestion by curious children or unaware pets can cause them to become extremely ill and can be life-threatening

Kills other unintended wildlife

Other types of wildlife can become sick from eating poison they find on the property or by feeding on mice who have already ingested the harmful substance.

Mice can end up dying behind your walls

A poisoned mouse will most likely look for a secluded spot to recover and may end up dying inside of your walls. The decomposing rodent will eventually leave an unbearable smell throughout your entire home. And, not only will you have to worry about the smell, but the carcass could attract insects, causing an even bigger infestation.

Poisons are inhumane

Since poisons do not work instantly, mice who eat it will slowly die, suffering the entire time.

You won’t be addressing the root of the problem

Even if you are able to kill the mice in your attic successfully; unless you fix how and why they are getting in, the cycle of having rodents in your home will continue.

Animal Exclusion in Tampa

To ensure all of the mice are removed from your attic and to avoid dealing with the horrible smell of dead rodents, the best way to get rid of them is with a proper animal exclusion.

At Critter Control® of Tampa, we are a full-service wildlife removal company. We’ll start with a free animal entry home inspection to assess the mice problem. From there, we will quickly remove the rodents in the most humane way possible. Afterward, we’ll seal off the entrance points, so the mice can’t get back in. And, if you have a dead animal odor lingering or need to fix damages caused by the mice such as ruined attic insulation, we provide those services as well. For more information or to get your free estimate, call us today.

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