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Whether it’s for a big trip, a rainy day, or an early retirement, saving money is ingrained into every homeowner’s mind. However, sudden issues can still pop up and dig into a large part of the cash you set aside — like a wildlife infestation. After discovering squirrels nesting in your home, for example, you might be wondering how big of a hit your savings will take. More specifically, you might be wondering, “What’s the cost of squirrel removal near me?”

Signs of an Infestation

Before you try to estimate the cost of your wildlife issue, you’ll need to understand the extent of it. Fortunately, squirrel infestations have some pretty obvious indicators, including:

  • A strong, ammonia-like scent
  • Scratching and thumping noises coming from the walls
  • Bite marks on food containers
  • Shredded attic insulation

Although they can cause a lot of damage to your property, these critters seek shelter in your home for many harmless reasons: to escape predators, give birth, and store food. Therefore, the best way to handle a squirrel infestation is to call professionals for quick, careful critter removal.

Costly Property Repairs

From the moment they enter your home, squirrels become an ever-growing expense. For them to even gain access, these critters cause damage by chewing through weak points on the exterior of your home, including:

  • Vents
  • Soffits
  • Plumbing mats
  • Plastic chimney caps
  • Shingles

Once they get inside your home, squirrels cause structural damage that varies greatly in cost. For example, squirrels may destroy drywall and insulation while building a nest, which can cost you an unexpected amount in attic restoration fees. They may also gnaw on wood and wiring, leading to fire hazards and potential electrical issues.

Squirrels can also cause damage that has long-term consequences. For example, squirrels can contaminate your home with harmful bacteria that transmits infectious diseases to children, adults, and pets. Therefore, critter contamination is not only costly and difficult to clean, but also dangerous to take on without the help of professionals.

Thorough Squirrel Exclusion 

Considering the potential costs, you might be tempted to solve the squirrel issue on your own or put it off for as long as possible. But the cost of an untreated squirrel infestation can be considerably more expensive than the cost of professional squirrel removal services. Additionally, using squirrel elimination devices on your own can unnecessarily hurt the animal in the process.

Furthermore, DIY squirrel trapping and removal is incredibly unsafe. When they feel cornered or threatened inside your home, squirrels show aggressive behavior in defense. If you’re trying to save money and save your home from squirrels, let your local animal control specialists handle the job.

Humane Squirrel Trapping in Tampa

When it comes to professional squirrel removal, the benefits should always outweigh the costs. That’s why the highly trained and certified technicians at Critter Control® of Tampa offer humane squirrel trapping services and only use the highest quality tactics. Whether you have squirrels in the attic, walls, or anywhere in between, our team will secure your home with long-term strategies. To schedule your free consultation, call Critter Control® of Tampa today.

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