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Difficulties of Rodent Trapping in ApartmentsTrapping rodents might seem like a simple way to overcome your apartment complex’s pest problems, but these critters aren’t so easy to dissuade. Any location that provides a constant supply of food, water, and shelter is an attractive spot for roaming wildlife, and it only takes the tiniest entrance for them to make their way into your building. If you’re ready to take control over your complex, take a look at these rodent trapping hurdles and our tips on overcoming them.

Finding Fault

Sometimes, determining who’s actually responsible for the pest problem creates a bit of a grey area. As a property manager, it’s your job to ensure that tenants feel safe and protected from wildlife; however, it’s every renter’s responsibility to maintain a clean space. It’s almost always the property manager’s job to have intrusive rodents professionally trapped, but it’s often the renters who are at fault for the infestation.

Rodents typically enter spaces that offer something in return, such as food or water. Tenants that slack on their cleaning routines can easily attract nearby rodents and cause a much larger problem. So, if you want to maximize your pest control efforts and create a system that keeps wildlife from coming back, consider updating your lease agreement. Drafting a lease agreement clause that sets standards for cleanliness can equip you with the right to warn or evict any tenants who fail to maintain their unit.

Returning Rodents

Setting traps might temporarily solve a pest issue, but it won’t conquer the source of your apartment problem. If you slip up in your pest trapping system, rodents can easily return and try to make entry again. Once you’ve taken steps to effectively remove rodents from your apartment buildings, here are some additional guidelines to follow to keep them from returning.

  • Seal any gaps, holes, or cracks that could become entryways
  • Organize proper waste management around your apartment community
  • Partner with a local pest prevention provider
  • Regularly inspect the plumbing systems in each unit
  • Consider installing preventative door sweeps

Tedious Tenants

Rodent trapping and removal is the only way to remove the wildlife, but it’s still an inconvenience for your tenants and your business. Multiple tenants share many of the walls and floors in an apartment building, which means that more than one unit can feel the effects of the same pest problem.

Although it’s important to take care of a pest problem as soon as possible, there are a lot of obstacles to face in an apartment complex. Every trap must be out of reach of children or pets in your community, which can seriously limit your range of trapping. So, if you want to find a safe and effective pest solution, you’ll need to contact outside sources for professional wildlife services.

Commercial Rodent Removal in Tampa

Protecting your apartment building starts with careful, safe, and professional animal control. The commercial wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Tampa can remove pests from your apartment buildings and create a preventative solution to keep them from reentering. To protect your business and its inhabitants, contact us today for a free consultation

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