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How Can Rats Come up Your Toilet?Bathroom privacy is a fairly sacred principle to most people, which makes a toilet rat discovery a pretty traumatic event. Although these incidents aren’t incredibly common, they’re more likely to occur in larger, heavily populated cities—which makes Tampa residences a prime target. Here’s everything you need to know about how rats enter through your toilet and what you can do to prevent it.

Toilet Rat Species

The most common rat species you may find in your toilet include brown rats and Norway rats. These species are known to navigate underground sewer systems to find food and shelter. Here are some facts about these rodents that will help you understand exactly how they make it from the sewer to your space.

  • Rats are excellent swimmers

    They can easily tread water for long distances and for long periods of time. And, they can hold their breath for up to three minutes at a time.

  • Rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter

    They can easily squeeze into the tiniest spaces and make their way up through your plumbing system.

  • Rats eat just about anything

    They aren’t likely to refuse a potential meal. And, the hungrier they get, the more willing they are to turn to residences for additional food.

  • Rats have incredibly sharp nails

    They can easily make their way up the plumbing pipes of your residence and into your home thanks to these sharp claws.

How Rats Enter Toilets

Rats typically only enter through the plumbing systems in larger cities, because they’re much larger and have more plentiful sources of food and shelter. By climbing through manholes or open grates, these rodents can quickly gain access to the extensive sewer system of any city. And, if there are any cracks or vents in a plumbing system, rats can use them as an entryway into the pipes of your home, apartment, or condo.

If you find a rat in your toilet bowl, don’t attempt to handle the animal on your own. These rodents can easily jump out if you try to flush them down. To quickly contain your toilet rat situation, shut the lid of your toilet, place a heavy object over the top, close the bathroom door, and call professional wildlife services immediately.

Keeping Rats Out of the Toilet

Fortunately, you don’t typically need a total plumbing or septic replacement to prevent rats from entering your home through the toilet. Here are some tips that can make a huge difference without requiring huge renovations.

  • Cap your drain

    Replace your drain covers with more substantial materials and seal any openings near your cover to block rat entrance.

  • Seal cracks and gaps

    Consider replacing any damaged pipes or professionally sealing any cracks or gaps that rats could use for entry.

  • Install a non-return valve

    These tools fit on to the end of your waste pipe, allowing waste to freely leave while preventing rats from entering.

Rat Removal Specialists in Tampa

Whether you have an existing rat problem or want to prevent one from taking over your property in the future, you can count on the wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Tampa for a full-service solution. We can identify the source of your toilet rat entry, seal or replace the affected area, and create a preventative system to protect your home in the future. For more information on our list of residential rat services, call us today.

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