How To Stop Wild Animals From Living Under My House

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How to Stop Wild Animals from Living Under My HouseNot only do wild animals find refuge in attics, but they also seek shelter underneath homes as well. Many Florida homes have been designed to prevent water damage from torrential downpours and hurricanes, which means they are elevated off the ground. This elevation creates a gap between the ground and the home which attracts a variety of different wildlife. Preventing that wildlife from going under your home can be a frustrating job to do on your own.

What Animals Seek Shelter Under My Home?

The protection and dryness that elevated homes provide is like a magnet for Florida wildlife. Opossums, raccoons, armadillos, snakes, and even stray cats are just a few animals you might find underneath your house. They cause trouble by leaving behind waste such as urine and droppings. Unbearable odors are sure to follow. Wild animals also bring diseases and parasites that are harmful to you and your family.

Tips For Prevention

There are a couple of ways you can prevent animals from seeking shelter underneath your home:

  1. Barrier/Fence

    Placing a small fence or a barrier with a steel screen around the perimeter of your house will keep the animals out. This method is effective; however, it is hard work and requires extensive installation. A trench must be dug, the steel screen buried under ground and bolted into the base of the house, and then the trench must be refilled.

  2. Patio blocks

    For underneath decks, patio blocks are an effective option of preventing wildlife from seeking refuge. This method doesn’t come without hard work. The space needs to be covered with a cloth-like material, placing patio blocks on top of it. There must be a slope in the ground so that water doesn’t become trapped. If done properly, animals will stay out from under your deck.

Seek Professional Assistance

Having wildlife underneath your home can result in significant problems and making sure wild animals stay out from underneath your house is no easy task. If you have nuisance pests living under your home, please contact our experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. We will safely and humanely remove the animals, seal off all entry points, and repair any damages done by the animals. Call 813-948-0870 for your free estimate.

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