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Do Chimney Caps Keep Bats Away?The sound of fluttering wings in the early morning hours, tiny claws scratching the insides of your walls or attic, and high-pitched screeching voices throughout your home or business are evident signs of a bat infestation. Bats play a crucial role in our local Tampa ecosystem by constantly regulating the insect populations. Unfortunately, these bats seek shelter during the daytime, often in the chimneys of both residences and businesses.

What is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap is placed on the top exterior of the chimney. Its’ designed primarily to prevent destruction on the inside of your chimney from harsh weather, such as heavy snow and torrential rain. They also prevent uncontrolled fire sparks from escaping the chimney and landing on the roof, which can be extremely dangerous.

Chimney Caps and Bats

While chimney caps may help deter critters like raccoons, birds, and squirrels from entering your home or business, they are less likely to prevent bats from seeking shelter in your chimney. Store-bought caps come in different shapes and sizes; however, most are not small enough to keep bats out. Florida has thirteen different species of bats, some with tiny, flexible bodies, able to maneuver themselves through even the smallest of holes.

Bat Nuisance

Bats can make a significant amount of noise throughout the night and into the morning, causing you and your family to lose sleep. They are extremely messy, leaving urine and droppings, more commonly called guano, around your home or business. Guano produces a terrible ammonia smell as it decomposes. Their droppings frequently become a breeding ground for diseases and insects such as fleas, ticks, and cockroaches.

Seek Professional Help

Bats are an endangered species and are therefore protected under certain removal laws. Never use DIY pest control methods such as poison, relocation, or fumigants. Not only are they ineffective, but they are also illegal to use on bats.

At Critter Control® of Tampa, our professionals understand the risks associated with bat removal and have the expertise on how to safely, and legally, remove them from your chimney. If you think you have a bat infestation, please call us today for your free consultation.

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