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""Rodent poisons are lethal if ingested by animals and humans. Three kinds of rodenticides are available for consumers to purchase: anti-coagulants, vitamin-based and bromethalin rat poisons.

Bromethalin Rodenticides

These poisons are fast-acting and extremely toxic. Rats and mice eating bromethalin-laced bait are dead within one day as the poison rapidly paralyzes the rodent’s nervous system. Meant for outdoor use or in factories and warehouses, bromethalin can kill pets, children, and adults if accidentally consumed.

Vitamin D Rodenticides

This consumer option contains huge amounts of vitamin D which causes the rodent to overdose on calcium. Muscle weakness, kidney failure, and arrhythmia kill rodents eating vitamin-D rodenticides within 24 to 48 hours.

Anti-Coagulant Rodenticides

This option kills rodents by preventing blood from clotting. Slower acting than vitamin D or bromethalin poison, anti-coagulate rodent poison causes rats and mice to bleed internally. Death may not occur to rodents ingesting anti-coagulants for several days. However, because this type of rodenticide does not kill rodents quickly, this allows rats and mice more time to take the poison back to their nests where other rodents consume it.

Dangers of DIY Rodent Control

No matter how well you hide containers of rodenticide, there is always the chance a child or pet could find it. Outdoor rodent poison will likely be found and consumed by wildlife or stray dogs and cats.

Rodents not only carry bacterial and viral diseases easily transmitted to humans but will attack and bite if you corner and trap them. Never attempt to capture a family of rodents with cages, boxes or traps. Also, never try to clean up rodent droppings and nesting material. Some people suffer allergic reactions to mice or rat droppings such as difficulty breathing, lip/tongue swelling and hives.

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