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""It might be convenient to ignore the squeaks and scratches coming from the attic. You may even be tempted to pretend you didn’t just see a rat scurry behind the paint shelf in your garage. Who has time to deal with these sorts of things?

These signs may be easy to write off once or twice, but if you are noticing them persistently, it would be extremely foolish to continue ignoring them. You might be thinking that rodents in your house aren’t a big deal, and if you just let nature run its course, they will be gone soon. But, this kind of attitude can cost you big down the road – it’s always a better bet to call a professional as soon as you notice the disruptions.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Signs

Rodents can cause you more problems than you might initially think. Here are several reasons why you need to address a rodent issue as soon as you notice it the first time.

Rodents chew on everything, constantly.

Their front teeth never stop growing, so they naturally have an impulse to chew on anything hard enough to help whittle down their teeth. This could be your furniture, walls, electrical wires, or plumbing pipes.

Rodents will not leave an excellent source of shelter and food.

Some critters, like opossums, tend to wander around scavenging. But not rodents like rats and mice. They will be permanent house guests unless you do something about it.

Rodents reproduce extremely quickly.

Rodent mothers can have over 15 babies at a time, and several litters a year. That means if you ignore a few rats for a couple of months, their population could easily triple or quadruple inside your home!

Why You Should Call a Professional

Now, you may get the idea that a few rats couldn’t be hard to catch by yourself, and that calling a professional seems like a drastic step for your minor problem. However, you should recognize that the situation is more urgent than you think due to the rapid reproduction capabilities of rodents. You might be able to catch a couple of rats with traps, but there could be a litter of young that you don’t even know about and have no chance of catching.

Don’t risk significant damage to your house. Nip the problem in the bud by calling Critter Control of Tampa to deal with your rodent infestation. Save money on costly repairs like electrical wire damage, urine-soaked attic floors, or rats decomposing in walls. Our experts can rid your home of rodents before they do anything that devastating and can deal with any damage they’ve already caused.

Put your mind at ease by calling the best rodent control service in the business, Critter Control of Tampa. Our technicians would be happy to give you a free initial consultation – just give us a call.

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