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How do Raccoons Get into My Attic?

As excellent climbers with nimble hands, it’s very easy for critters like raccoons to make their way into your attic. With a variety of access points available, hungry raccoons can enter almost any home of their choosing. If you have nuisance raccoons wandering around your Tampa neighborhood, it’s best to know the typical ways they get into your attic so you can protect your home from a potential raccoon infestation.

Ways Raccoons Access Attics

Tenacious and dexterous, raccoons are known to access attics:

  • Through damaged roofing or walls. Since raccoons are quite strong for their size, they can easily rip open already damaged roofs. With weak soffits and walls, raccoons can use their little thumbs and strong teeth to chew through and gain access to your attic. If you’ve seen raccoons around your home recently, we recommend that you check the durability of your roof.
  • Down open vents or chimneys. If you have any opening on your roof, like a vent or chimney, raccoons can gain access to your home. It is surprising how small of openings raccoons can squeeze through. They also use their hands to make openings wide enough to enter easily. Using a protective mesh can help keep them out of vents and chimneys.
  • Via easily accessible tree limbs. If tall objects surround your home that raccoons can climb, like electrical poles or trees, these masked critters will be more attracted to your home. Although you cannot move telephone poles or street lamps away from your home, you can trim down tree limbs and remove any branches that are close to or hang over your roof to help prevent raccoons from climbing up and exploring the weak points of your roof.

Effective Raccoon Removal Methods

If raccoons are in your attic, rely on Critter Control® Tampa’s proven four-step process to quickly and safely get all unwanted raccoons out of your home. Our tactics involve inspecting your home to locate the infestation and strategizing a plan to get rid of them. From there, we’ll remove the animals from your home and restore any damages they may have made. Finally, we’ll make sure they cannot re-enter by sealing any cracks or holes they used to get in.

Expert Raccoon Removal Services in Tampa

In addition to complete raccoon removal, the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Tampa can provide essential services to remove any sign that raccoons ransacked your attic, such as replacing contaminated attic insulation, repairing damage, and eliminating lingering smells. Furthermore, we take the necessary steps to safeguard your home and ensure the pests cannot return to your attic. For more information on our raccoon removal services or to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate, call Critter Control® of Tampa today at (813) 328-6646.

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