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Although roaches are an integral part of our ecosystem, they’re never ""wanted in our homes. Not only can they spread diseases, but they’re one of the most common reasons for household allergies, second only to dust. Getting rid of cockroaches in your home can be a long and grueling process, as these bugs are quite resilient. A better method is to prevent the roaches from ever entering your house. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Seal it up. One way that’s sure to keep bugs of any kind out is sealing up all crack and crevices. Pay careful attention to any that might have formed around where you store your food. Bathrooms, windows, and doors and also good places to look.
  • Keep it clean. Roaches are attracted to food. Leaving crumbs in your kitchen or wherever you eat will greaten the chances that you’ll get roaches. Make sure to clean up your food thoroughly after you eat, and try not to eat in places with carpet, as food can get stuck easily in it.
  • Throw it out. If you’ve got any waste in your yard like decaying wood, branches, or leaves keep them as far away from your house as possible. Roaches like to hide in decaying material and will venture towards you home in no time.

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Once cockroaches gain access to your home, it’s hard to get them out with only DIY traps. They are expert hiders and can reproduce at an alarming rate. Homemade traps may take care of a few roaches, but will not solve the problem effectively. By hiring a professional exterminator like the ones at Critter Control® Tampa, you’ll gain the peace of mind that all of those pesky insects are out of your home, without having to worry about making your own traps. If you’re ready to rid your home entirely of these creepy-crawly critters, call us today for a free consultation at 813-328-6646.

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