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Will using mothballs fix my mice problem

When mice find their way inside of your home, it can be difficult to get them to leave. Mice are smart critters that won’t dare leave a safe and secure home, especially one that offers an endless supply of food, water, and protection. Even if you surround their nest with mothballs, an alleged mouse repellent, invasive mice will simply retreat deeper into hard-to-reach areas of your residence once they suspect danger or become bothered by its smells.

While spreading some mothballs around may seem like an easy, inexpensive way to rid your home of mice, it’s actually a waste of time and here’s why.

The Problem with Using Mothballs for Rodent Control

Mothballs were not made to work on rodents. In fact, mothballs were created as a pesticide to keep the common clothes moth, the Tineola bisselliella, from feeding on different materials in the home including clothing, carpets, and rugs. The active ingredient inside mothballs is naphthalene. The amount of naphthalene in a typical mothball is not enough to keep mice from living in your attic or behind your walls. Additionally, because mothballs are pesticides, the Environmental Protection Agency considers it a violation of Federal law to use mothballs in any manner that is not in accordance with the product’s label.

The Danger of Mothballs as Mice Removal

Mice can tolerate mothballs the same way humans can, which means you would need a massive amount of mothballs to even slightly affect the rodents. However, increasing the amount of mothballs in your home can expose you and your family to toxic levels of naphthalene and other dangerous chemicals.

While DIY mice control methods like mothballs may provide you with temporary mouse relief, ultimately,  the only way to effectively get rid of mice is to hire mice removal professionals to trap and remove the nuisance rodents.

Contact Tampa’s Mice Control Professionals to End Your Mice Infestation

At Critter Control® of Tampa, our trained technicians will ensure all of the mice in your home are removed humanely and permanently. After complete removal, we will then seal any entry points the rodents used to access your home and clean up any messes the critters left behind. If you are done dealing with invasive mice in your Tampa area home, give Critter Control® of Tampa a call today at (813) 328-6646 to schedule your inspection and receive a free mice removal estimate.

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