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Tampa RodentAside from being cute and furry, there aren’t many “nice” things left to be said about rodents. They are carriers of many diseases that are potentially deadly to humans, and they can cause costly structural damage. One of their favorite places to reside is in your home, and with the increasing number of rodent complaints in the United States, no Tampa homeowner is exempt. Critter Control® of Tampa is all too familiar with rodents and their behaviors and will explain why rodents love living with you.

Your Food is Their Food

Rodents are commensal creatures. They depend on humans to provide them food to survive. They invade your pantry and nibble on food or they feast on any droppings they find on your kitchen floors and counters. Their favorite people in your home are toddlers and pets. They are normally a constant, easily accessible food source

It’s Just So Nice and Warm

The insulation in your walls and attics or the heat radiating from behind your refrigerator makes them warm and cozy nesting places. Be aware of any unusual sounds coming from these areas. It may be the pitter patter and scratching of rodent feet.

Great Place for a Game of Hide and Seek

Rodents aren’t very social creatures…at least not with humans anyway. They are very aware of their surroundings and have already scoped out the hiding places behind your furniture, in your closet, under cupboards, etc.

No homeowner will feel safe knowing they have a rodent infestation in their home. Be sure to clean up any spills and put away pet food immediately. Store your food in air tight containers and ensure all possible entry points are sealed.

For questions about rodent proofing your home or for help with a rodent infestation, call the professionals at Critter Control® of Tampa. Ask our expert team members about our eco-friendly methods and our three year exclusion and lifetime warranty

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